Secret Bars In Dublin

Ever had trouble finding a bar? Good, 'cause these guys would like to keep it that way. Proud of their secrecy and renowned for their hidden vibes, these secret bars in Dublin are notorious for being hard to locate. From basements brimming with creative cocktails to Prohibition-inspired favourites, check out our recommendations for the best cloak-and-dagger digs.

Last edited by Lauren Cole

9 Below

One of the best secret bars in Dublin, 9 Below is all about refined drinks in an equally refined setting. Golden from the cocktails to its interior design, this subterranean space not only has history on its side, it has some of the city's best cocktails to boot. 

Amy Austin

Though not necessarily a secret bar, Amy Austin is definitely found somewhere unexpected. Located within Drury Street Car Park, this cool and quirky wine bar has a wide selection of bottles to choose from, as well as cracking drinks deals and a dog-friendly policy.

The Library Bar

Tucked away in The Central Hotel, The Library Bar is a cosy drinking den made up of embroidered armchairs, striped sofas and an open fire. When it comes to refreshments, the menu is full of classic cocktails and fresh pints, while the global food options span breakfast to late-night dinner.