New bar spy - The Cyclist - Refreshment Rooms

Eco Friendly Cycle & Booze Spot Opens In Brighton Station

The Cyclist - Refreshment Rooms

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What they say:

Brought to Brighton by the founders of Geronimo Inns, Rupert and Jo Clevely have introduced a laid back yet bustling retreat for city commuters, creative dwellers and out of towners, with the introduction of new station bar, The Cyclist - Refreshment Rooms. Full to brim with vintage cycling knick knacks, upcycled bike materials and cosy seating areas separated by bound bookcases, The Cyclist moves away from gastro clichés to reflect the individuality of this fair seaside town. 

What we say:

There's one thing that Brighton has never seemed to grasp, and that's a great train station bar. Whilst the surrounding area, and heck, the whole of Brighton is full to brim with great watering holes, the station's drinking retreats have been practically stale and non-existent....until now. It's exciting not only to see the development of the station but the companies that reside with in it; and not shy of championing up-cycled materials or vintage wares, The Cyclist is set to rejuvenate this pen for creative commuters.