Fun Restaurants in Birmingham

Now we all know that a sit down meal can sometimes be a bit of a formal affair, but who says that always had to be the case? If you're looking for somewhere that you can eat, drink and let your hair loose in a relaxed enviroment, then some of these restaurant bars in Birmingham could be just right for you and your frolicking ways. Check out our recommendations for the best fun restaurants in Birmingham and see what fun antics some of these delicious foodie dens have in store.

Birmingham Bierkeller

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Birmingham Bierkeller knows a thing or two about delivering on the fun. Not only is it a full on German beerhall, complete with long tables, traditional Bavarian clothing and steins, they also get their Oompah band in to really liven up proceedings. But make sure you line your stomach with plenty of authentic regional food before really hitting the steins!

Fiesta Del Asado

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Boasting its status as one of the only Argentinian restaurant bars in Birmingham, Fiesta Del Asado is a warm and welcoming enviroment all year round. If you're not propped up at their classic kitchen bar or chowing down on continental grub, we'll be sure to find you on the dancefloor learning to Tango or frolicking to the bar's live Argentinian music. 


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Hailed as one of Birmingham's best curry houses, Pushkar have managed to blend the enviroment of any fun, fast-paced city centre bar with sit down dining. A decadent restaurant bar in Broad Street, Pushkar are inventing new and wonderful ways for the city of Birmingham to look at the way they dine and eat curry. 

The Original Patty Men

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When it comes to laid-back restaurant digs, none do it quite like the Original Patty Men. Not only jumping from street food stall to restaurant, their space promises piled-high patties and a consistent hustle and bustle throughout the night.