Affordable Restaurants In Birmingham

Making the decision to miss out on a quality meal in order to save money for the month never feels good. But there are countless places that tick off the box for being delicious AND within budget. Go treat yourself to that burger you've been thinking about for a week and explore the reasonably priced menus to choose from at one of the many cheap restaurants to eat in Birmingham.

Last updated on 13th February 2023


Cafes are always a valuable go-to option for inexpensive dining in Birmingham. A place to stop and grab some nutritious street food while on the run, or sit and chat with friends, Kanteen is an affordable option for eating while grabbing a cup of coffee.


Sharing is caring when it comes to trying to have a cheap meal. Zindiya's small plates are a great option for eating out. This cool restaurant has a semi-open kitchen and 90 person capacity, which creates an inviting space to enjoy Indian street food.