New bar spy - Homage

MasterChef Winner Simon Wood Brings Cheese Fine Dining To Manchester

Published . By Abigale Leyton.



Now Open

If you love cheese and wine, then we have un-brie-lievable news for you. Masterchef winner Simon Wood, has opened Homage, a restaurant dedicated to serving cheese expertly matched with chutneys, wine and beer. This opening is located on the second floor of the chef’s acclaimed restaurant Wood, on Jack Rosenthal Street. With only seven tables, this cosy and intimate space is the perfect spot to catch up with friends or for a special date night.

Homage wants to elevate classic cheese and booze combinations; and sources only the best ingredients from all over the world. Tuck into a creamy Morn Dew, served alongside rowan and roast pineapple, and paired with a choice of a Donkeystone Ferris Muler beer or a glass of d’Oliveras Boal wine. If you fancy something fresh and tangy, then opt for the Tovey, a goats cheese perfectly complimented with a red pepper chili chutney.