Best Beer Gardens In The UK

The UK's cobbled corners and vast green landscapes aren't its only treasures. Bringing you beaut boozers up and down the country, we're filling this list with all things special about the UK beer garden. From stunning views and secret spots to crisp cold pints in the sunshine, we're celebrating what it means to have a drink outside.

Last updated on 16th June 2020

When it comes to beautiful beer gardens in Oxford, Head of the River is just that, head and shoulders above the rest. Set alongside the River Isis and serving up British favourites alongside a roster of wine, beer and ales, it's the perfect city escape.

In a city like Edinburgh, you can expect stunning history and even more stunning streets, so how do its beer gardens live up? If Cold Town House is anything to go by, incredibly well. With a rooftop overlooked by a castle and pizza and cocktaisl a standard, it's a must in the sunshine.