Cheap Manchester Lunch

Ah, the lunchtime rush in the city; eating out always poses an eternal struggle between quality, quantity and cost. But, why should you have to settle for a mediocre supermarket meal deal when there are some top spots delivering unbelievable quality on a budget? Now, you'll never worry about your dreaded midday munching again, as we've rounded up some of Manchester's best cheap lunches.

Last edited by Scarlett Welch

Last updated on 8th April 2024


THE BUTCHER is award-winning Amsterdam, Berlin and Ibiza brand that's delving out bargain lunches at its Urban Playground location in Manchester Arndale. Choose everything from classic cheese-topped patties to truffle-glazed beef, 'Silence of the Lamb' and 'Codfather' burgers.


You can eat for well under a tenner at Indian kitchen Bundobust. Located in the Northern Quarter, the restaurant is a veggie haven of spicy cooking fronting two dishes for £9.95 come weekday lunch. We recommend the masala dosa, a warming combination of soup and mini pancakes, or the classic pav bhaji served with a veg-packed curry.


One of the best places to eat a cheap lunch in Manchester, West Didsbury's Volta is delving out three delicious small plates for £15 on weekdays. While a little more pricey than some of our picks, it's well worth the visit for getting plenty of bang for your buck, thanks to succulent queenie scallops, aromatic Berbere spiced black lentils and sticky halloumi.