Attawa's Punjabi Feast Was The Perfect Pre-Lockdown Dinner

Published . By Georgia Evans.

If I was going to do one last review before lockdown, it better be good. With its diverse menu of Punjabi cuisine, hype from national newspapers and a menu from MasterChef: The Professionals 2019 semi-finalist Arbinder Duggal, Attawa seemed like a strong choice for going out in style. We headed over to the Kingsland Road restaurant ahead of it temporarily closing and stuffed our faces with one heck of a final feast...

Attawa | East London Indian Review | DesignMyNight

Attawa is serving mouthwatering Indian dishes from its home in Dalston. 

There was definitely an East London coolness to Attawa. Not only is the restaurant in the oh-so trendy area of Dalston, but the decor had sleek date night vibes to it, with indoor foliage, dimmed lighting and dark furnishings. The clientele was made up of 20-somethings (from the same household of course) with a soothing soundtrack of chilled out tunes flowing out the speakers. 

After taking to our seats, it was time for a cocktail. The cardamom blush (£8) felt a smooth way to kick things off with its combination of gin, cardamom-infused rose, bitters and rose water. As for the starters? We had to try the khatte ladoo (£6.50). The fried lentil dumplings came with relish, carrots and topped with pani, they were beautifully delicate and crisp with a slight crunchiness and subtle spice. Meanwhile, the gol guppas (£5.50), which was diced potato with quinoa and pani, tasted richer and creamy while staying surprisingly light. 

Attawa | Indian Food In Dalston Review | DesignMyNight

Get your fix of high-end Indian food and this cool East London restaurant. 

When it came to our mains, we opted for tarka dhaal topped with kale pakora (£8), which had a deep flavour and totally avoided any oiliness that is so often acquainted with this particular dish. We were also tempted by the North Indian favourite, pindhi chole (£8.50), a slow-cooked chickpea served in an aromatic tomato sauce with a sprinkle of fresh red onion and coriander which added a fresh kick.

Served with buttery paratha (£3.50) and fluffy pilau (£5) rice, this was a fantastic feast made even better when paired with their sweet and orangey take on a classic old fashioned (£8). For dessert? A cocktail of course. The chai martini (£8) was a unique take on its coffee-based counterpart with chai, star anise and almond milk.

Attawa | East London Indian Food Review | DesignMyNight

We chomped away on buttery chickpea curry with paratha and pilau rice. 

The DesignMyNight Digest 

Knowing its menu had been created by MasterChef semi-finalist Arbinder Duggal, I felt like Attawa was going to be good. With its cool vibe, stunning cocktails and light yet filling menu of Punjabi classics, it completely surpassed expectations. A fabulous way to wrap up the final week before lockdown if you ask me. 

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