Where To Drink Like It’s The 70s In London

Published . By Georgia Evans.

It's not just vintage fashion that's making a revival, London’s bar scene is following suit in taking a nod from the days of disco. If you feel like stepping back in time to the age Soul Train, kitsch decor and lava lamps galore (sounds better than present day doesn't it?), these bars and restaurants are the fix you need. Shimmy on over to these unique places living it up like it’s the 70s.

Bobby Fitzpatrick

Bobby Fitzpatrick’s is like walking into a vintage interior design magazine, with its stylish plush seating, mustard accents and hanging bamboo chairs... oh, and the entire retro kitchen/living room set-up. Follow the story of Mr Fitzpatrick’s journey across the globe, who decorated his home with trinkets from his travels, while swigging cocktails inspired by his time in the Caribbean.

Bobby Fitzpatrick | 70s Bars In London | DesignMyNight

Stop by Bobby's for Caribbean cocktails in retro surroundings. 

Abigail’s at Vinegar Yard

A new addition to Vinegar Yard, Abigail’s is a gorgeous space for after-work cocktails in the heart of London. Characterised by its lava lamp projections, earth tones and sprinkles of foliage, the bar serves a menu of hand-crafted winter mixes and mulled wine, making for the perfect respite before exploring the food stalls outside.

Abigail's | 70s Bars In London | DesignMyNight

Abigail's is a lava lamp-lit haven of earth tones and mulled wine. 

Mari Vanna

Even the coldest of hearts will be warmed by a visit to Mari Vanna, a charmingly twee hideaway replicating the archetypal Russian home. Harking back to the Soviet era with its crystal bowls filled with sweet bread rings, stacking dolls and shawl-covered lampshades, the retro furnishings make it an essential visit for authentic vodka sipping.

Marri Vanna | 70s Bars In London | DesignMyNight

This gorgeous little hideaway takes inspiration from days gone by.

Little Nan's

Imagine what your granny’s house would look like if she never took down the decorations from the ‘77 silver jubilee… that’s the vibe this place is going for. A sanctuary of kitsch decor with royal memorabilia, mismatched finishings and knick knacks spanning decades of collecting, Little Nan’s is easy to sink hours into with its teapot cocktails and offbeat charm. 

Little Nan's | 70s Bars In London | DesignMyNight

Pay homage to Queen Liz's silver jubilee from Nana's house.


Quentin Tarantino modelled most of his films off the 70s, (just look at the colour scheme in Jackie Brown) and Nikki’s are following suit with their homage to his female characters. Toting the tagline, “like the nightmare girlfriend your mum warned you about” Nikki’s is a hub for hedonism with its multicoloured lights on the ceiling, leather seating and that motel bed.

Nikki's | 70s Bars In London | DesignMyNight

This quirky bar in Shoreditch looks just like the movies. 

Bob Bob Ricard 

Bob Bob Ricard is what you’d get if you threw together Studio 54, The Great Gatsby and a dash of Russian cuisine. Can’t you just picture Robert Redford reclining in one of the striking blue booths? With its gloriously avant-garde glamour, 'press for Champagne' button and extensive wine list, it's no wonder this Soho bar has become such a London staple. 

Bob Bob Ricard | 70s Bars In London | DesignMyNight

Revel in the glamour of this vintage gem.

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