We Devoured Devilish Slices Of Vegan Pizza At This Vampire-Themed Bar

Searching for top-quality vegan pizzas can suck when you're craving gooey, cheesy slices of meat-laden pizza… until now. As more people turn to a plant-based diet, demand has never been so high. But how does one stand out in such a busy scene? Turn your gaze to Lost Boys. This cult Camden fave has adopted its own brand of cool, dedicating itself to the hit 80s movie, blasting a rock 'n' roll playlist and serving pizza on charcoal bases as black as my heart. With this in mind, it felt suitably on-brand when I decided to swing by to check out the v-special all-new vegan menu from High Priestess.

Lost Boys Vegan Menu | London Restaurant Reviews | DesignMyNight

Looks like it's always Halloween at this quirky Camden pizzeria. 

The place was packed when I walked in, which is always a good sign on a Friday night, and immediately I could sense the place had something special to it. As rock hits blared over the hubbub of groups chatting and staff buzzing around the venue, I noticed the Halloween-esque decor of hanging skeleton light shades and a large graveyard mural showcasing the menu. We were lead downstairs to what felt like an old school dive bar, which carried on this theme with its dark walls, odd furnishings and signature Lost Boys movie posters plastered on the ceiling.

To kick things off? A killer cocktail laced with CBD was a necessity. The High Priestess Daiquiri (£6) was a refreshing mix of CBD rum, sage, pineapple and lime; a really light, fruity way to kick off the feasting. The CBD Martini (£6) was equally impressive with its dry gin and hints of citrus from the grapefruit oil. While I'm not one that’s easily swayed by wellness trends, I'm tempted to say the CBD could've given cocktails a relaxing effect (although that may have just been the booze - who knows?).

Lost Boys Star Pizza | London Restaurant Reviews | DesignMyNight

No pizza is complete without a pentagram, right? 

Nevertheless, let’s not sway away from our mission here. The High Priestess menu was bursting with drool-inducing plates that we could’ve spent all evening devouring. I was blown away by the faux blue cheese dip that accompanied the spicy cauliflower ‘tings' (£5), the roasted 4 skins (£6) were piled up with smoky bbq chilli… but the real star (funnily enough) was The Star pizza (£16).

Served on the signature charcoal crust, it came topped with soft tofurkey, red chillies and a spicy green pineapple relish that formed a pentagram. As someone who often turns their nose up at the idea of fruit on pizza (now that’s really satanic), the relish was surprisingly delicious, and elevated all the flavours around it with its zingyness.

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The bar space is charmingly retro with rock 'n' roll edge. 

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Vampires celebrating eating vegan? Hell yes. With High Priestess in the mix, Lost Boys Pizza have adopted a menu of plant-based slices and CBD cocktails that is sinfully superb.