7 Cookery Classes To Ensure This Christmas Is the Most Delicious Yet

Published . By Georgia Evans.

Christmas can be a real test to your culinary skills. You can start the day feeling as chilled as Nigella, and a few hours later come storming out, dripping with sweat and cursing more than Gordon Ramsay reliving his Kitchen Nightmares. So, to keep you feeling like a smooth-talking culinary sensation (without any dry turkey in sight), we’ve rounded up the finest cooking classes and drink tastings in London that’ll guarantee this Christmas is even more of a cracker than ever before.

The Welcome Cocktail From South Place Hotel

What could be a better way to whet the appetite than a healthy dash of vodka? This festive season South Place Hotel is welcoming CÎROC, who’ll be setting up a winter wonderland in their garden. Complete with icicles, faux fur, snow machines and a frozen bar hosting expert-led cocktail classes, this place is sure to get you flexing those mixology muscles.

South Place Hotel | Christmas Cooking Classes | DesignMyNight

Head to this winter wonderland to mix up Christmas cocktails.

The Perfect Cheese Board From The Cutty Sark

There’s no better time for a cheese board than Christmas Day, whether you’re in the mood for a nibble before lunch or one final bite before you proudly rub your full belly and head off to bed. To ensure you’re getting the very finest, head to The Cutty Sark’s port and cheese pairing, where you can wash down a selection of dairy delights with a brilliant bottle.

Cheese And Port | Christmas Cooking Class | DesignMyNight

Cheese and port are the quintessential Christmas pairing.

The Full Shebang From Sauce by The Langham

Make sure your Christmas cooking is fuss-free with a little help from Sauce by The Langham. This workshop will give you all the tools you need for the quintessential festive feast across three courses, from canapes to roast beef and a mince pie dessert, which you enjoy in the dining space afterwards. They’ll even be handing out recipe cards and aprons to ensure you’re fully equipped.

The Langham Dinner | Christmas Cooking Classes | DesignMyNight

You'll even get to feast on what you cook at The Langham.

The Vegetable Feast From The Avenue Cookery School

Planning a meat-free meal? Whether you’re ditching the pigs in blankets for good or catering to a vegan for the first time, The Avenue Cookery School plays host to a number of classes that’ll help give you some veg-spiration. Learn how to breathe life into the humble sprout, become a celeriac connoisseur and amaze with a flavoursome nut roast, after just one session.

The Avenue Vegan Dinner | Christmas Cooking Classes | DesignMyNight

Pop open a bottle when cooking at The Avenue Cooking School.

The Essential Wine Pairing From Vagabond

If you’re planning on popping some festive fizz, get the low-down from Vagabond Wines beforehand. Not only do they offer a masterclass in all things bubbles but you can do fun, blind taste tests and explore the wonders of natural wine. What better way to prepare yourself for a marathon day of drinking than having a few practice runs?

Vagabond Wine Pairings | Christmas Cooking Classes | DesignMyNight

Treat yourself to a tipple or two when finding the perfect wine pairing.

The Perfect Pud From Boulevard Theatre

Head over to the Boulevard Theatre this winter, and you’ll learn the art of perfecting that all-important Christmas pud. Head Chef, Greg Hillier will have all the ingredients and instructions ready for you, so just rock up in your festive jumper and get ready to master a dessert so fine it’ll set the table ablaze... with excitement.

Boulevard Theatre Pudding | Christmas Cooking Classes | DesignMyNight

The perfect Christmas pudding? Nailed it.

The Mince Pie Wind-Down From Bread Ahead

When the meal is over, the selection box is empty and the Christmas specials are flickering away on the telly, what better way to round off a day of eating than with some homemade mince pies? To make sure yours have the perfect pastry and fruity filling, join Bread Ahead to create a gorgeous frangipane, or almond-y, take on the classic. 

Mince Pies Bake Ahead | Christmas Cooking Classes | DesignMyNight

Squeeze in a couple of mince pies to polish off the Christmas feast nicely.