We're Obsessed With This Beautiful Russian Restaurant Filled With Crockery and Trinkets

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

Some restaurants in London are made to win Michelin stars; some are made to highlight global cuisine and time-held flavours; some are made to take our money... and do fuck all with it.

But some?

Some are made to win our hearts.

marri vanna stunning london russian restaurant

Mari Vanna is as much treasure trove as it is restaurant.

Nestled in Knightsbridge where high-end restaurant competition is rife, Mari Vanna stands out thanks to a concept that celebrates the 'archetypal Russian home'.

Having seen success in St Petersburg, Moscow and New York, it made sense that London would next lap up the gaudy-but-gorgeous interiors; wallpaper peels back to showcase years gone by, lamps are smothered in shawls, crystal bowls are brimming with traditional sushki (sweet bread rings), stacking dolls sit on shelves and knick-knacks hark of Soviet Union Russia.

I could go on, but pictures do most of the talking here...

mari vanna beautiful london restaurant

Even the bathrooms at Mari Vanna sing of glory. 

And while furnishings bring the front-end feels at Mari Vanna, it's an evocative menu that also rings of Russia and homely cuisine.

Pirogi is done proper here, much like their selection of pickles and preserves, while plates of pelmeni, pork fritters and potato dumplings all celebrate authentic, yet somewhat humble Russian grub. To wash it all down with? A vodka selection from Stolichnaya to Beluga.

mari vanna london restaurant gorgeous

If this isn't the prettiest Christmas restaurant in London... i'll eat my advent calender (i'll do it).

Mari Vanna can be found at Wellington Court, 116 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7PJ. Looking for more stunning restaurants in London? Head this way.