5 of the best vegan Christmas menus in London so far

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

Jungle isn't massive, veganism is. But where do vegans get their dinner kicks when Christmas rolls on through? While normally a space reserved for hunking great slices of turkey, these plates have pushed aside the big bird for festive flavours, seasonal ingredients and dairy-free dining that gives Christmas a conscious edge. Check out our recommendations for the best vegan Christmas dinners in London and chow down on that festive spirit, guilt free.

Christmas Specials at Mildred's

They're some of the biggest crusaders for vegetarianism and veganism in London, but they bloody love Christmas too. Coming up with a handful of Christmas specials (available from December 4th), vegans heading to any of the branches of Mildred's in the city can enjoy the likes of a butternut squash and tofu terrine with red current and walnut stuffing, alongside an apple, pear and sherry mince pie with clementine anglaise

mildreds london christmas vegan menu

Try the new Mildred's Dalston for all your festive, foodie needs.

Vegan Christmas Pizzas at The Stable

Kick those notions of your bog standard Christmas plate to the curb, and try pizza this December instead. Champions of the vegan pizza menu in London, The Stable have gone all out when it comes to their seasonal slices. Vegans can enjoy the likes of 'The Yule Love It!' with a spiced cauliflower sauce base, butternut squash, garlic-roasted Brussels sprouts and vegan cheese or 'The Spud Special' with herb roasted potato, thyme roasted sweet potato, Spanish onion, spinach, fresh tomato sauce and grated vegan cheese.

stable vegan christmas menu london

The Stable are sticking to a theme, and giving it a festive twist.

Christmas Rotolo and more at The Gate

While you normally know The Gate by classic interiors, delicious cocktails and their charmed, meat-free vibe, this Christmas you'll know The Gate by their smasher of a seasonal, vegan menu. Available from the 27th November, head on down to any of their London restaurants the likes of Marylebone and Islington for a 'Christmas Rotolo'  of pommes dauphinoises filled with wild mushrooms alongside a cranberry & orange compote or a Dark Chocolate Snowball for dessert.

christmas vegan food london

Vegan plates brimming with flavour? Catch them at The Gate this Christmas.

Festive Vegan Menu at Oldroyd

It's all sorts of fancy pants dining for you this December if you're a vegan thanks to this stunning, set menu at Oldroyd in Islington. Bringing about three courses for the pocket-friendly price of £32, you'll be guilt-free gushing over the likes of an Iron Bark Pumpkin & Spiced Walnut Risotto with Crispy Sage, Trompette Mushrooms & Confit Garlic and Honey Glazed Parsnips, sealing the deal with Red Wine Poached Pear & Pecan Praline 

oldroyd london christmas vegan menu

Dress up for a night of festive, vegan dining at Oldroyd. 

Xmas Vegan Feast at Draft House

They're booze hounds and beer babes, but that doesn't mean the Draft House team are leaving vegans behind when it comes to this year's Christmas menu. Pulling out all the stops for the ultimate, Christmas vegan feast, head on down to their selection of London sites the likes of Paddington for a mushroom, tofu and chestnut wellington with roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips and brussel sprouts.

draft house vegan christmas menu london

It's vegan beers and vegan feasting ahoy at Draft House this Christmas.