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What Does This Mad New Bingo Experience Have In Common With Beyoncè ?


Published . By Georgia Evans.



Ever wondered what would happen if you combined bingo with an immersive experience? The guys at Hijingo clearly have, as they announce the launch of the UK’s first ever multi-sensory bingo experience that puts you at the centre of all the action.

Using the same technology Beyoncè used to announce her pregnancy (I mean, if it’s good enough for her) they've created a concept unlike any other. What does this mean? Immersive videos and motion graphics, stadium-grade lighting and a high-octane soundtrack that’ll get your adrenaline racing... now that's a far cry from your nan dabbing away at her local bingo hall. 

If you think it sounds a little intense, fear not, this is designed to be fun. Coming from the minds of Puttshack and Bounce, Hijingo is guaranteed to deliver some top prizes with a healthy dose of competition to put some fire in your belly.