Bars and Restaurants near Camden Roundhouse

Lucky you! Not only are you going to a gig to see one of your idols/artists, you're also in one of London's nightlife hotspots - Camden! It's important to eat before you dance all night to your favourite songs live, but then sometimes you need some dutch courage to get you through the never-ending mosh pits and jumping. Either way, we've got a place for you in this list of the best bars and restaurants near Camden Roundhouse.

Jazz Cafe

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The haunt of respected artists like Amy Winehouse and D'Angelo, the Jazz Cafe plays host to live jazz music every night to really get you in the musical mood before your gig. Either get stuck in on the ground floor and soak up the incredible atmosphere or book a table on the mezzinine, where their delectable food is served.

Camden Assembly

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For live music near the Camden Roundhouse, join the Camden Assembly for the ultimate support acts. With live music on the weekdays to club nights on the weekends, this lively bar will keep you entertained before your gig regardless of the date. They also serve some delicious food as Lucky Chip are in residency - so get feasting on dishes like Kevin Bacon and El Chappo burgers and hotdogs.

Spread Eagle

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Boasting a beautiful, updated Victorian interior coupled with a British menu focused on fresh ingredients, The Spread Eagle is an amazing place to relax before your gig in Camden Roundhouse. Their menu changes seasonally, with some classics that stay all year round, such as the legendary 'Camden Burger'. If you need a bit of a tipple before you go dancing, they serve a plethora of craft beer, wine and cocktails.


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