Craft Beer Pubs in Liverpool

Finding craft beer in a city full of pubs doesn't have to be hard, and even better it's not. Liverpool is home to many great craft beer spots, whether you're someone who enjoys its humble origins or just its great taste. If you think you've seen it all – from the best craft beer pubs to the best imported selections – you haven't. Be sure to check out our list of recommended craft beer pubs for even more great options in Liverpool.

The Baltic Social

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There's nothing traditional about this edgy industrial pub, but you can happily enjoy a classic cold craft beer here – their specialty. Kick back in the exciting centre of Liverpool's creative hub, the Baltic Triangle, where you can drink the best craft beer whilst music and open mic nights keep you entertained.

At Gibberish you get a three-for-one deal: the taste of amazing craft beer, the sight of awesome art murals and the perfect laidback vibe for any time of day. Coming to this craft beer pub in Liverpool, you can be sure that your beer has been crafted using locally produced Postcode Honey and has received a stamp of approval from expert brewer and owner, Gaz Matthews.

Great atmosphere or reasonably priced drinks? Fly in the Loaf doesn't make you choose. You can have it all and more at their prime nightlife location in Liverpool with a grand selection of craft beers, wines and real ales and a delicious menu of easy go-tos. Recently renovated with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, you can't go wrong with this crafty craft beer bar.

What's craft beer without a place to kickback and enjoy it? Motel Bar is an industrial-themed bar that offers a wide selection of delicious craft beer as well as other delectables. Its upstairs movie projector is fit for football with your mates or even a private date. If you were looking for where to drink craft beer and real ale in Liverpool or maybe just a quirky alternative to a traditional pub experience, this is your place.