Dog Friendly Bars in Glasgow

It's a dog's life eh? Well no, not really. Not if they don't get to enjoy the great pleasures in life; fantastic restaurants, great bars, meeting the girls for cocktails or watching the match with the lads. But luckily for Glasgow pooches, the city is one pro-pup place. From cool and relaxed restaurants, to cosy pubs and sunny beer gardens, there's loads of dog-friendly city spots for you to visit with your favourite furry friend. So next time you're parched with your pup, there's no need to take the little guy home, check out our list of the best places to take your dog in Glasgow - you'll probably find that many bars actually prefer you to come with a little tail-wagging companion. 

The Ben Nevis

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The Ben Nevis loves dogs so much they even have their own Dogs of the Ben calendar. This dog friendly pub in Argyle Street is the perfect watering hole for a pup who's into his whisky, his live sessions and his fireside banter -owners are welcome too, as long as they're well-behaved of course. 

Inn Deep

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One of the most dog-friendly bars in Glasgow, just one look at the Inn Deep social media posts and you know you've got some serious canine fans on your hand. Bring your pooch along for delicious beer and complimentary biscuits (biscuits are for doggies only unfortunately).

WEST On The Green

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This place is still one of the most dog friendly bars in Glasgow because not only are dogs allowed inside West, but the brewery bar also boasts an amazing beer garden overlooking Glasgow Green. Take your dog for a stroll in the park then reward yourselves with a pint of the freshest beer in town afterwards, in one of the coolest bars and most spacious beer gardens in Glasgow. 

The Belle

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The Belle is a chic country pub meets city boozer in Glasgow's West End and one of the most dog friendly bars in Glasgow. Let your dog live the highlife  in gentrified surroundings as you hang out in one of the coolest pubs in Glasgow.


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The Dude was always a pretty cool guy, so of course his bar, Lebowski's is a dog friendly bar on Glasgow. Where better to chill with man's best friend than an Argyle Street bar with a dedication to White Russians and big burgers? Just don't tell him about the hotdogs though, yeah?