Singles In Glasgow

Are you single in Glasgow? Lucky you! Whether you're looking for someone to spend your life with or looking for someone to spend your night with, (or even if you're not looking at all) our city has some top bars and clubs just made for mixing. Whether it's romantic cocktail lounge or a flirty party club you're after, 'The One' could be just around the corner. Fall in love with some of these great single-friendly and mingle-perfect bars and clubs in Glasgow, and who knows whose heart you might break? 

Shilling Brewing Co.

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Got a penchant for all things beer? Look no further than Shilling Brewing Co as they brew their pints on site. As well as serving up some seriously delicious tipples, this spot is also perfect for a bit of fun-time socialising - whether that be a boys night out, a girls' get-together or singles night.

Sub Club

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One of the best places for singles to party in Glasgow, Sub Club is more than fun and friendly. From their roaring selection of DJ nights that hail down with some of the finest in house and alternative, to their affordability, Sub Club is a great place to revel in the single life in the city. 

The Berkeley Suite

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A sultry sister to Chinaski's, The Berkeley Suite is open 'till late and plays host to some killer DJs. Set against a beautiful backdrop of Art-Deco features, plush booths and deep red tones, it's a perfect place for getting down on the dancefloor and cosying up with a match.