Cheap Nights Out in Glasgow

Going out can be expensive. Drinks, dinner, door charges; it all adds up. So whether you're a cash-strapped student in Glasgow, an economical raver or a thrifty young professional, we want you to get more bang for your buck on your next night out. From dinner deals in top restaurants to rock bottom prices in undergrad clubs, check out this selection of cheap nights out in Glasgow.


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Campus is Sauchiehall Street's very own frat house. This bar and club serves the student masses with cheap as chips, eh, chips along with other thrifty eats throughout the week. Always-on drinks promos make for low cost clubbing, while occasional offers give free entry and complimentary munchies at events. A marked-down madhouse for students in Glasgow. 

While this chic New York style grill bar may not seem like the place to take a cheap date, head down on Tuesdays and you'll bag yourself an upmarket night out at downmarket prices. Watch out for their offers on food and drink that can see the finest steak reduced to very affordable prices, making for a different class of night on a budget.

Flat 0/1

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Flat 0/1 probably has the most cut price drinks in Glasgow. This Bath Street party pad does its best to resemble a house bash, and that includes some majorly marked-down drinks. With free entry and cut down prices on drinks like cider and supermarket stubbies, if you're looking for a frugal flat party in Glasgow, Flat 0/1 knows how to throw a bargain bash. 


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Steak frites for 2

Easy going by nature and pocket friendly in price, McChuills is as laid-back pubs in Glasgow come. Nurturing a love for all things live music of the folk persuasion, head down to this lively bar for a bit of gigging fun and some international beers from their bar well stocked in old, new and independent labels that make for one cheap night out in Glasgow.

Republic Bier Halle

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Republic Bier Halle is another bar that oozes cool rather than cut-price. But head down at dinner time for two-for-one pizzas, making this spot a popular one with in-the-know students. If you'd rather an evening on the sauce instead, order a stein of beer and bag yourself a free bratwurst. A merry night out on not much money in Glasgow.