New Bar Spy - NQ64 Edinburgh

This Graffiti-Covered Bar Is Bringing Vintage Games And Themed Cocktails To Edinburgh

NQ64 Edinburgh


TBC 2021

If being stuck indoors for the past year means you've exhausted all your old games, you're in luck. A cool new bar is set to open in Edinburgh, promising hours of entertainment for the city's biggest kids. Having set up a string of successful outposts in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, NQ64 is set to open with plenty of retro classics up its sleeve. 

Typically decorated with bursts of neon and graffiti along the walls, this place has a signature style that's sure to be applied to its first Scottish spot. And when it comes to games? You can expect all of the classic consoles such as the Sega Mega Drive, N64 and old school PlayStations, with everything from Donkey Kong to Space Invaders and Tekken all waiting to be played. 

To round off the experience, NQ64 serves a range of quirky gaming-themed cocktails with names like E-Tini and Pac's A Punch, alongside refreshing craft beer from local suppliers. Have we just found your new go-to quirky bar? It certainly seems so.