Best Gastropubs In Edinburgh

Ah, the almighty pub lunch; it's one of life's greatest pleasures and something that our city pulls off to a tee. The capital is absolutely brimming with boozers that sling out restaurant-quality grub, from traditional hangouts with a penchant for pies to stylish spots whipping up internationally inspired fare. So if you're looking for a top Edinburgh gastropub? We've got the lowdown right here.

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The Last Drop

Dating back to the 17th century, The Last Drop embodies the traditional tavern vibe, which is channelled into the menu of homely British bites. With options such as haggis sausages and mash plus juicy ribeye steaks, it's definitely one of the best gastropubs in Edinburgh Old Town.

The Mitre

Found within minutes of the capital's famous landmarks and shops, The Mitre is the perfect place to put your feet up after pounding the pavement. Crowd-pleasing favourites take centre stage here, so pull up a chair to gobble down haggis, neeps and tatties alongside Cullen skink.

The Kenilworth

Cravings for classic pub grub will certainly be satisfied at The Kenilworth. On the menu? Everything from toad in the hole and stovies through to hunters chicken. You won't be going thirsty here either, as the extensive drinks list showcases lip-smacking wines and cask ales.

The Haymarket

While there's plenty to stuff your face with at The Haymarket, it's gained quite the reputation for its perfectly prepared pies. Get your smackers around wild boar and chorizo nestled in shortcrust pastry, a medley of fish topped with cheddar mash and so much more.


For those of you seeking out the best pub lunch in Edinburgh city centre, make sure to check out Southpour. This trendy haunt, which features bare-brick walls and leather booths, cooks up a storm in the kitchen. Expect plates like honey-glazed cod, duck shawarma and massaman curry.