The Best Vegan And Vegetarian Restaurants In Dublin

Craving something naughty but on a plant-based diet only? Look no further. Whether you’re yearning for a fancy Italian dinner or clamouring for a delicious pizza, long gone are the days of side salads and plain chips. We've broken down the top eats in your favourite Irish city. In our guide, you’ll find all the best restaurants for vegan and vegetarian food in Dublin.

Last edited by Lauren Cole


Want to upscale with vegan fine dining in Dublin? Glas offers up a unique spin on plant-based diets from head chef Sam Moore. You can expect contemporary dining and possibly the prettiest oyster mushroom scallops you'll ever see. 

Bloom Brasserie

Searching for fancy and filling fare but on a plant-based diet? For restaurants with good vegetarian options in Dublin, Bloom Brasserie has plenty in store, from its decadent goat cheese salad to sage risotto and wild mushroom bourguignon. Wash it all down with a delicious glass of vino.


Fronting a mighty menu, Sprezzatura offers veggie-based eats such as tomato carpaccio, rigatoni, and some hearty sourdough rye. Afterward, you can cheers with its on-tap selection from supplier WineLab, who are by the way, also 100% vegan.