Quirky Restaurants in Dublin

If you're bored of bog-standard restaurants, these guys are anything but. Champions of the unique and the different when it comes to dining, these quirky restaurants in Dublin aim to give you a little something extra from interiors to teasing plates. Check out our recommendations for the most unusual in the city, and chow the hell down.

Last updated on 8th October 2019

Farrier & Draper

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While Farrier & Draper is a well known and beloved bar in Dublin, it's their basement restaurant that is promising something a little more unique. A 60-seater Italian restaurant with authentic plates on its side, you'll share your meal with the traditional underbelly of the building, bare brick ceilings and all.

Looking for an authentic American dining experience in Dublin? It's off to the Bison Bar with you. Taxing their inspiration from Texas, this meat-heavy eaterie promises guests plates filled with everything from pulled pork and smoked meats to whole roast chickens, Texas-style.

Those who salute to seafood will find a home in Klaw. Hoping to bring 'crabshack dining' to the heart of Temple Bar, this unique restaurant promises everything from crab mac 'n' cheese to lobster rolls in an intimate and slim space (trust us, it's teeny).

One of the most sprawling venues in Dublin, every corner is a surprise at NoLita. From an NYC style cocktail bar down to a room filled with foliage (with more found in their garden), you can fill yer stomachs with the best in brunch plates alongside unique interiors.

You may have noticed that the words vegan and butcher don't tend to sit together all that often, but Sova are looking to switch things up. Here to bring delicious vegan plates to the heart of the city, this quirky Dublin restaurant is churning out everything from pancakes to a chia cheeseburger with jalapeno mayo and fermented cucumber.

Quite the looker, 777 isn't just one of the most attractive restaurants in Dublin. Known for their Mexican cuisine and famed for their 100% blue agave tequilas, this small but charming space is home to a premium menu made up of authentic and creative dishes alike.