Quirky Restaurants In Dublin

If you're bored of bog-standard places to eat, these guys are anything but. Champions of the unique and the different when it comes to dining, these quirky restaurants in Dublin aim to give you a little something extra from interiors to award-winning plates. Check out our recommendations for the most unusual in the city, and chow the hell down.

Last edited by Lauren Cole

Bison Bar

Looking for an authentic American dining experience in Dublin? It's off to the Bison Bar with you. Taxing their inspiration from the south, this meat-heavy eatery promises guests plates filled with everything from pulled pork and smoked meats to whole roast chickens, Texas-style.


Proof is a unique pizzeria serving a selection of fresh, fast-fired Romano-style crispy pizzas, against a backdrop of sleek all-white and gold interiors. What makes this restaurant quirky? It's wall of cocktails on tap, including Aperol spritz, espresso martini and the classic negroni. 


Opium is one hot ticket when it comes to quirky dining in Dublin. Sprawled across four sections, it's carefully divided into a slick restaurant serving suckling pork, red duck curry, and claypot lamb, with a gorgeous terrace, cocktail bar and even its own club. 


Be transported to the streets of Brooklyn at this quirky restaurant in Dublin, where the walls are lined with neon, graffiti and cult movie artwork. Not only do they look to the past for their decor, but the retro-inspired cocktails perfectly complement the tasty American-Mexican eats. 


Part of the Yamamori family, this quirky restaurant is housed in a gorgeous Georgian townhouse which adds an interesting contrast to the Japanese theme. Dine here and you'll get to explore tempura, sushi and ramen under traditional artwork and samurai swords.

Little Pyg

Sister site to legendary Dublin music venue and bar Pygmalion, Little Pyg is a cool and quirky restaurant specialising in some of Dublin's best pizza. As well as serving Michelin maestro Enzo Coccia's wood fired creations, this place is famed for its handcrafted cocktails (or pygtails). 

Mary's Bar & Hardware Shop

It doesn't get much quirkier than Mary's... Serving pints with a side of Paxo, juicy burgers alongside grocery goods, there really is nowhere else like it. Head on over and see who they've got in their kitchen (there's a frequent rotation) and dive into the venue's various oddities.