Something A Little Different in Dublin

Do you champion the unique? Are you more than just a fan of the weird and the wonderful? Then this is likely to be the list for you. We're here to show you what the quirky pockets of our city; from cocktail bars serving up flavours in freaky tankards, to restaurants with retro themes, check out our guide to something a little different in Dublin.

We think that some secrets are better shared, especially when it concerns one of the best cocktail bars in Dublin. Tucked away, The Bling Pig is a dedication to all things vintage with teacup cocktails and glamorous interiors, making for one brilliantly quirky escape from the city.

This quirky bar in Dublin is part eatery, part cocktail bar, and an excellent spot for nights out in the city. Split into different spaces with a unique vibe to each, the bar takes you from an urban cocktail haunt to a magical garden room with delicious food and drink throughout.

There are so many unique pubs in Dublin to choose from, so how do you whittle it down to just one? Easy, you pick the weirdest. A bar brimming with knick knacks and vintage wares, not only is Mary's Bar a functioning hardware shop, it's full of great bevs to boot.

Slinky and sophisticated, 9 Below will have you taking your drinking habits to a subterranean level as this glamorous basement bar promises some of the most unique and high end cocktails in the business. Perfect for those looking for quirky date night ideas in Dublin.

Get wild with Riot, a quirky dive bar in Dublin that knows how to throw a hedonistic party. Not only are there arcade games and regular nights brimming with live music, this rough and ready spot is perfect for an affordable cocktail or an exciting IPA to keep you fuelled.

If you fancy not only visiting somewhere different, but doing something different, why not try your hand at ping pong at this quirky bar in Dublin? Coming at you with premium tables and pool to boot, Buskers on the Ball promises a night of drinks and entertainment alike.

If you think it don't mean a thing unless it's swimming in gin, there's a unique bar in Dublin that would likely agree. Boasting their own gin club alongside regal interiors, the bar prides itself on providing a truly sublime drinking experience which makes The Gin Palace is a sight to behold.

One for those who like a little glamour and mystery, the Vintage Cocktail Club is a stunning space for cocktails that are doused in history and charm. If you're looking for a venue that offers something a little different for date nights, group outings and special occasions, this is the spot. 

Within Drury Street Car Park, Amy Austin is a quirky wine bar offering a wide range of wines on tap and by the glass, bottle or carafe. Founded by the team behind 777, the city-centre spot has got plenty of space for Dublin's imbibers... and even happens to be dog-friendly.

Craving the great tastes of America? Bison Bar is the bar for you. Combining BBQ treats served straight off the grill with the largest selection of whiskies in Ireland, it'll make you feel like you've been transported across the pond with its succulent steaks and mouthwatering smoky brisket. 

A tropical-themed paradise adorned with bold prints, botanicals and neon signage, Ohana is the tiki bar putting rum in a new light. With a team that's hoping to one day boast the world's biggest rum collection, this place has plenty of potential for a unique night out in Dublin.