The Salt Room Crystalline dinner sittings as The Coal Shed plans to open a second, seafront restaurant
106 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2FU
Happily Affordable ££
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What they say:

Three traits of a well spent weekend in Brighton? Whirligigs, a swift dentist appointment post-rock munching and the licking of plates at The Coal Shed. Meaty morsels that have found their way into restaurant critics' hearts, The Coal Shed are expanding their award winning edible experience as The Salt Room takes up shop on the Brighton seafront. Set to boast 'uninterrupted ocean views enjoyed from a covered terrace', The Salt Room is prime for dinner picking.

What we say:

Vouching for Brighton is something that I can do all too well, and especially as far as The Coal Shed is concerned. An enigmatic and edible destination that date nights are just hankering to hunker down and dine in, join the queue cuddle chums, news of a new venue that echoes the sensibly sourced policies will surely ring throughout the town. Sussex sourced ingredients, premium British seafood and prime views of the ocean that will have you salty sea-dogs reeling? Sounds like The Salt Room to me.