New bar spy - Patty & Bun Brighton

Patty & Bun spread its wings, opening a new site in Brighton's winding Lanes area

Patty & Bun Brighton

Published . By Gurjot Thind.


Late 2017

What they say:

The burger aficionados behind famous London chain Patty & Bun are looking further afield, cracking into Brighton's tough-nut nightlife scene by opening a new site later this year. Moving into the former stomping ground of Piccolo Italian Restaurant on Ship Street, the team will serve their famous lineup of burgers, all made using well-cooked cuts of meat that have been topped with fiery sauces, fresh salads and enticing melted cheese. On top of that, guests can tuck into Patty & Buns Southern-inspired starters, such as the barbecue ribs or the throat-kicking chicken wings. 

What we say:

Patty & Bun are basically a household name in London's foodie households. With eight venues under their belt in the capital, they've now set their sight on Brighton, hoping to break into the city's notoriously difficult culinary scene. The team have done well to find such a prime location. After all, Honest Burger tried, so did Bryon, but both were hampered by the lack of available restaurant space. The Patty & Bun team will understand they've got a chance to do something great here and will have to make the most of this rare opportunity; every one of our instincts tells us they'll probably become the city's biggest casual dining spot.