Chubby Chops It's A Dogs Life at Chubby Chops, Brighton's Exclusive Dog Cafe
16 Brighton Square, Brighton, BN1 1HD
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What they say:

The first cafe in Brighton to cater exclusively for dogs, Chubby Chops has opened on Brighton Square to welcome pets and their owners for doggy treats and human snacks. Owners Joel Ariaman and his partner Alex Ziembinska came to the idea after being rejected from a number of venues with their French bulldog Bonnie. “With other cafes dogs are allowed in if they sit still and don’t move. At Chubby Chops they can roam around the cafe, play with toys and sleep in beds. After all Brighton is a very dog friendly city.”

What we say:

Talk about carving out a niche. Brighton has long been known as a dog friendly city, but not until now has their been a cafe catering exclusively to their needs. At Chubby Chops, man's best friend is welcome to wine and dine alongside their owners, as they play with toys, hangout with other dogs and gnosh away on some mouth watering chicken flavoured yogurt ice cream. Sounds absolutely delicious. After the success of Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in London, it will come as no surprise to hear that Chubby Chop's is already going down a storm with pooch pamperers and their four-legged pals. The only rule? No cats allowed.