The Hare and Hounds Old Pub, New Ways. The Hare and Hounds Re-Opens With Crafty Flair
75 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4JF
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What they say:

Taking the bare bones of the previous Hare and Hounds pub on London Road, the new Hare and Hounds may be retaining the name, but certainly not its old way. From craft beer and local ales to La Choza on the kitchen menu, The Hare and Hounds now boasts a more unique selection of liquid refreshments and pub fare. Spearheading the entry of Tank Beer into Brighton's bar and pub scene, The Hare & Hounds will now serve Brewery fresh beer: unfiltered, naturally carbonised and unpateurised, Tank Beer is the next big thing in beer. You saw it here first!

What we say:

La Choza in the kitchen? Craft beer set to be rattling around in the fridge? Local ales on tap? Say no more, we'll see you by the bar. This is a really exciting move for London Road, what with being plagued by this baron space for so long; it's another great move for new venues in Brighton too. We can expect a more bespoke yet chilled out boozer where more London Road patrons can unite for a bevvie - they deserve it, as do you all. Plus, since Tank Beer has hit the Brighton bar scene, we can all look forward to sippin' on all sorts of unadulterated, hop-py goodness.