New bar spy - The Urchin

Speciality pub serving craft beer and shellfish washes up in Brighton

The Urchin

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Now Open

What they say:

Nestled in the thriving seafood spot, The Urchin will be an ocean of the freshest shellfish and over 100 different varieties of craft beer. Redefining the pubbing industry into more of a gourmet experience, this punter pad sources its hoppy brews from local shores to international seas bringing the latest, greatest and best loved beers from all around the world to land in Brighton. 

What we say:

Moving on from the hot roast of the coffee bean game, owners Brad Jacobson and Nigel Lambe have created a unique pubbing concept of speciality food and drink bringing together the unlikely matrimony of beer and fish. However unlikely, we think it makes perfect sense. Taking advantage of the areas famous seafood spec and pairing that with crafty pairs these boys have come up with a corker.