The Tempest Inn Cave capers from new subterranean inspired seafront boozer
169-161 King's Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 1NB
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What they say:

While the Brighton seafront has been dominated by a serious clubbing slur for as long as the shores can remember, there's a new pub in Brighton giving pints back to the pebbles. A cave themed pub in what once was Life, The Temptest Inn boasts some of the most idiosyncratic interiors yet. From raw sandy coloured stone to bookable cave booths, The Tempest Inn will be serving up Laine's Pale Ale and Seagrog along side a smattering of supper clubs and live music alike. 

What we say:

The last time I was in a cave, I was a Neanderthal echo of the woman I am today. With a venue in Brighton yet to dedicated such a fundamentally raw commitment to its interiors, this is sure to be a sought after seafront plot, because let's be honest, when was the last time you cracked on with a cocktail in a cave? With their pumps boasting local craft and hints of supper clubs on the cards, nattering is rife for this seafront newbie.