Why Is It So Hard To Get A Table At The Devonshire In Soho?

devonshire soho table

The Devonshire now has social fame thanks to its difficult-to-book tables.

Some restaurants in London are busier than others. We get it, it's a big city with plenty of hungry people. Pubs, we can get a table at one of those right? Wrong.

But at this Soho pub, it's with good reason.

Opening up reservations every Thursday at 10:30am, and only for 3 weeks in advance, Denman Street's The Devonshire are keeping their books tight, with Londoners clambering over one another to reserve a table in their upstairs restaurant. Created by Oisin Rogers, Charlie Carroll and Ashley Palmer-Watts, notorious hospitality names, known for their ties to The Guinea Grill and Flat Iron, The Devonshire is a restaurant and pub hybrid where the best of both worlds come both on a plate and in a pint, and with industry clout on-side. 

The restaurant is ingredient-forward, with Scottish beef butchered on-site, while hand-dived scallops have been plucked from the shores of Devon. And as for day boat fish and langoustines? Expect only the freshest. Their a la carte menu is handwritten and easy to find favourites, while the Sunday menu keeps it seriously simple, as the only choice is a roast rib of beef with the usual trimmings. We love the decision-friendly approach and most punters crave it. 

Tables may be difficult to get, but in securing a gastropub experience that is head and shoulders above the rest? Refreshing that booking link is worth it. 

Book a table at The Devonshire here (if you can)