An Immersive Prison-Inspired Cocktail Bar Is Coming To Brighton

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Published . By Georgia Evans.

Alcotraz Brighton | Brighton Bar Reviews | DesignMyNight

You probably won't see much of the beachfront from behind bars...

Andy Dufresne said he went to prison to learn how to be a crook, and guess what?

Now you can too… but in a much less depressing Shawshank-y way, and more in a fun, drinking kind of way.

Alcotraz: Cell Block One Three, a sister site to that London-based immersive cocktail experience is coming to Brighton. If you’ve never heard of it, the concept is pretty bonkers. You’ll create a criminal guise by dressing up in an orange jumpsuit, before being guided behind bars by crooked guards that let you smuggle in contraband booze.

Once inside, master mixologist inmates will mix up the prison hooch of your choosing, using your bottles and whatever else they’ve got hidden away. The only thing you've got to watch out for is the gaze of a suspecting warden...

Alcotraz: Cell Block One Three is located on 13 Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 1NE. Gates are open from the 24th October with varying visiting times, tickets can be bought here.