Verano Lounge Suburban Loungers company nabs Brighton plot with a little Parisian kitsch
95 Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2LB
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

Finally introducing their successful, suburban restaurant bar brand to the shores of Brighton, Loungers have taken to Western Road for the first of two new seaside ventures. Boasting the same kitsch Parisian style of their prior bars, this new venue dabbles in the charming and harbour to vintage sourcing. From cocktails and American style patties to local ales and fresh lunchtime fare, Verano Lounge is a cracking all-in-one venue for dinner and drinks alike. 

What we say:

With so many plots under their belt, it's surprising that the Loungers brand haven't nabbed more Brighton establishments sooner. The Parisian kitsch flair of their other bars is a great inclination as to the style of Verano Lounge as they all tend to follow suit, if only for a break in colour (we're excited for rich Autumn hues and vintage furniture the like). Brighton loves the kitsch and kooky more than any darling town that we know, hence why we don't doubt that late afternoon loungers and couples looking to cavort over an early evening cocktail will see some potential in this plot not too far from the sea.