New bar spy - Shuffle Bar and Kitchen

New Brighton cocktail bar leaves you in charge of the skip button

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Published . By Katie Kirwan.

Shuffle Bar and Kitchen


Now Open

What they say:

Boasting a unique concept and crafty concoctions to boot, Shuffle Bar and Kitchen know nothing of hogging the skip button. A brand new bar doused in colour and industrial flecks to boot, Shuffle Bar and Kitchen blend the bang-on-trend with the down right delicious. Not only whipping up a selection of sweet treats, Shuffle Bar and Kitchen will allow their guests to take full control of the bar's sound system; meaning that you decide the hits and atmosphere, while they decide to keep you fed and watered. 

What we say:

While i'm glad to say that the internet doesn't know me well enough just yet to automatically say that this bar is right on the money; in my personal opinion, they are. How many times have you taken to a great bar, only to find that Ke$ha is their musical weapon of choice? For a bar to suggest that their punters take the reigns? I'm more than on board and Brighton will surely follow suit, because we both love doing what we like. With cocktails, a garden snug and industrial flecks in abundance, we can see how Shuffle Bar and Kitchen could win a few guests round with their unique proposal and tasty atmosphere.