Boys Night Out in Birmingham

Fine young fellows, dashing chaps and bustling boys, are you looking for a great night out in Birmingham city? Why not let us be your guide? From premium sports bars and cracking casino's to some of the best beer in the city, there's a whole host of testosterone ready bars in Birmingham. Check out our recommendations for the best bars for a boys night out in Birmingham and have yourself a fun-filled jaunt across our vibrant city. 

Last updated on 3rd November 2021


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Vibrant DJ bars aren't hard to find in Birmingham, but here's a little corker if you and your favourite chaps are out on the razz in the city. While it may look like any restaurant out front, dig a little deeper and you'll find one of the biggest late night party's in the city as IF join Bushwackers until a stonking 7am for raucous house music and club classics.