Best Bars for People Watching in Birmingham

What can we say, we're creatures of habit and having a good nose at passers by is a pastime tradition that we're not willing to give up, eh? If you fancy propping yourself up in a bar in Birmingham and just watching the city go by then you need a footfall hotspot. From restaurant bars in Birmingham to patio tipples, there are plenty of places to sit back and watch the city's workings. Check out our recommendations for the best bars for people watching in Birmingham and get your curtain twitching fill in the comfort of a seat by the bar. 

Canalside Cafe

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Located right on the banks of Birmingham's scenic canal systsem, Canalside Cafe is just the spot for a tipple and watching the day go by. Perch yourself on one of their patio tables, grab yourself a local ale or beer and get ready for a knockout when it comes to people watching as you watch Brum residents casually stroll the day away on their way through the city.


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There's something about the throngs of a cafe bar in Birmingham that make some of the best places for people watching in the city. Boasting a relaxed and welcoming enviroment, Urban Coffee Company urge you to perch on one their upstairs beanbags, tipple in hand and watch city centre residents off on their daily antics in the city. 


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Whether it's overlooking the canal or Brindleyplace, Bank is a great cocktail bar in Birmingham to watch the hours fly by. A relaxed, yet cosmopolitan style lounge in the heart of one of Birmingham's most popular entertainment areas, Bank is primed for people watching in the city as everyone and their dogs stroll by.