Bars for Rainy Days in Birmingham

Look at that sad soggy puddle outside, today's going to be a rainy write off and you're sulking about it. But wait! Don't get down in the dumps about the drizzle, there's a cosy abundance of bars in Birmingham that make any rainy day in the city a boozy godsend; From suburban pubs to tiki cocktail bars that will whisk you away to paradise. So why not nab those brollies, check out these rainy day bars in Birmingham and snuggle up next to a fireplace, pint of pale ale or cocktail in hand. 

Bacchus Bar

157 user reviews 5

The rain sure has come 'a' knocking so you need to make a quick getaway from the drizzly monster. Head to the basements of Birmingham's biggest shopping street for a secret bar like no other in the city. A cosy nod to Medieval architecture, Bacchus is a basement bar brimming with hearty real ales, fireplaces, and slatherings of stone masonry that make for a unique escape from the rain in Birmingham. 

Island Bar

11 user reviews 4

You're soaked right on through and you need to warm those chilly cockles, so how about a trip to one of the most exotic venues in the city? Blaring sunshine vibes and one of the most unique cocktail collections in the city make tiki-treat Island Bar the perfect place to escape the dreary day outside; and far cheaper than a plane ticket on cruddy airways we say!

The Fighting Cocks

65 user reviews 4

More than a safe haven from the dreary outside, this cosy little gem will have you all snuggled up next to their roaring open fireplaces come a down pour. From their ravishing roast dinners to their international selection of ales and craft beer, this kitsch little nook in the heart of Moseley is one great escape from a rainy day in the city thanks to their uplifting charm and laid-back attitudes.