Lunch for £5 in Manchester

Lunchtime in Manchester always poses an eternal struggle between quality, quantity and cost. It is only lunch after all, but then why should you have to settle for a mediocre meal deal from any city centre supermarket when there are some top bars, pubs and eateries delivering unbelievable quality for £5 or less. So never worry about lunch again, just make sure you've got 5 of the Queen's finest pounds every day and we'll ensure you get fed and watered like you deserve! The best £5 lunches in Manchester are here!

Tiger Tiger Manchester

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If in the Shude Hill / Printworks area around lunchtime, then Tiger Tiger is a good bet for some quick and cheap lunches, as well as a potentially nice afternoon in the outside area. The food is ideal to share with some friends, like the hand-cut tortillas and the better-than-fastfood Wing Bucket of Buttermilk chicken wings. Make sure to book your table, though, as Tiger Tiger is liable to fill up quick with those on the hunt for either of the Tiger Tigers. 

Black Dog Ballroom New Wakefield Street

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 As well as having the uber-cool Underdog club in the basement, New Wakefield Street's Black Dog Ballroom is perfect for a swanky lunch if your in the Oxford Road / Student Village area. With its ground floor booths that are perfect for intimate lunch with friends, or the spacious upstairs area more suited towards lunch with your entire offer, Black Dog Ballroom can cater for all your lunch needs. Just make sure to get a quick game of pool in too. It'd be rude not to.

Black Dog Ballroom Northern Quarter

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 Though you probably know the Black Dog Ballroom from your night-time excursions around the Northern Quarter as you look for somewhere that still sells food, it also serves some reasonably priced lunch-time offerings too. The booths are ideal for a quiet lunch with friends and workmates other either cheap burgers, or sharing one of their huge and tasty pizzas. For their great value for money and cool venue, Black Dog Ballroom NQ is a great choice for lunch if your in Northern Quarter.