The Best Margaritas In Manchester

Nobody quite does fiestas like our Mexican amigos, as tequila, triple sec and lime reigning supreme. Whether you're pairing them with tacos and tostadas or just love a boozy sip any day of the week, we've scoured the city on a quest that could rival the road to El Dorado in order to find the best margaritas in Manchester. Fruity, fiery or frozen, we've got them all right here.

Last updated on 22nd July 2021

El Capo

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This unadulterated hit of South American and Mexican vibes is the perfect place to indulge in some of Manchester's best margaritas. Tommy On Top is a margarita lavished with grenadine, while El Capo's take on the Blue Agave margarita is rich in blue curacao.

The Beagle

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You may not expect this Chorlton pub to serve some of the city's very best margs, but trust us, you'll be pleasantly surprised. To round off the tequila-laced experience, this place is pairing its signature sips with teryaki jackfruit tacos, barbacoa beef tacos and chilli chicken tostadas.

Whipping up all sorts of agave-infused creations, Crazy Pedro's Pizza Parlour is doing far more than just slices. Choose between the Call Me Papi and Hibisco Burro or sip a frozen margaritas: we're talking mango and pink peppercorn, kiwi and lemongrass, raspberry and balsamic and more.


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Sandinista is home to a number of tequila-inspired mixes that are sure to add a dash of South American flair to your next night out. Get your hands on a Verdita Margarita with coriander, pineapple, chilli, mint, lemon juice and agave syrup for something a little different.