Manchester Music Bars & Clubs

The Manchester live music scene is one of the most important and popular in the UK, with some of Britain's best ever bands, acts and groups gracing the hallowed stages of these live music venues. Steeped in a rich history of music heritage from the forming of The Stone Roses to the business dealings of Factory Records - many bars and clubs here have a story to tell. If like us you're mad on music and want to conduct a music bar crawl then we have compiled a list of the top places to discover, and what makes them so important. 

Sorry, the places listed below don't have online bookings available, but we hope you still find this list useful for your night out!

The Temple

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Describing The Temple - left down some stairs if you head from the Cornerhouse to St Peter's Square - is one thing but to find the bar itself is another. Famed for being one of the smallest bars in Manchester though it makes sense when you learn it was converted from a public toilet. Adding to its quirkiness and charm is the notion that the  bar has some real fans in the form of Manchester band Elbow. In fact, The Temple is regarded is such a high calibre that Guy Garvey and the boys wrote a song about it and if you're lucky, you may witness the man himself having a drink in there - a must visit for any music enthusiast.   

The Ritz

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Famed for its historic contribution to none other then little-known band - The Smiths - yeah right. It was here that arguably Manchester's biggest band played their first live gig supporting Blue Rondo A La Turk in October 1982. This was an appropriate live baptism given the venue's odd history. The Ritz was, and still is, the longest continuously used popular music venue in Manchester. It now hosts an enormous selection of universally acclaimed artists each week and a must visit for any music enthusiasts. 


FAC251 - The Factory

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Factory251 - The Factory is the latest reincarnation of the building formerly known as Paradise Factory, Industry and as the home of the legendary Factory Records. After moving out of his suburban flat, Tony Wilson set up shop in now reformed Factory251. With layers of Manchester heritage bound between the walls, it's a must visit for a Manchester music club crawl. With a diverse range of club nights throughout the week there is always something to suit everybody. 

Big Hands

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Another Mancunian legend, Big Hands is the muso's choice. And by muso we don't mean the aspiring ones, although they're to be found in plentiful quantities here too. No, Big Hands is in fact something of a celebrity hotspot, in the most endearing way. This is a place where gig-goers and bands alike psyche themselves up before a show or kick-back to wind down afterwards. Its proximity to the Manchester Academies is its selling point, but don't just come here when you're at gigs, as it's good enough to warrant a trip on its own merits. 

The Castle Hotel

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Many people argue that you can't just create a sense of history, you have to earn it - one thing that the 200 year old The Castle Hotel offers is just that. Woven and webbed into the aging brick walls and Victorian tiles, the venue is a long-running counterpart to the evolving Manchester music scene.  It was here, for example, that the late John Peel interviewed legendary Joy Division frontman - Ian Curtis - for the Northern Lights 'zine, a interview which further cemented The Castle into Manchester's musical heritage. Now each week a selection of up-and-coming artists grace the stage - a chance to spot the next big thing in the industry.