Best Asian Restaurants In Manchester

Spanning from Chinese delicacies down to top Thai tasters and Japanese culture; when it comes to Asian food in Manchester, there's a never-ending roster of restaurants to try. Whether your preference is wagyu and sashimi or a humble green curry, all flavours, spices and cuisines are catered for in the city. Check out our recommendations for the best Asian restaurants in Manchester here and get stuck in.

Last updated on 4th January 2022

Pan-Asian fried chicken is the order of the day at this Chorlton favourite. Think deep, fried and juicy goodness topped with katsu, miyagi, Korean hot sauce and a black 'Venom' cheese option, all served with fried rice, yakisoba noodles, seaweed fries or cheesy chips.

Inspired by Asian street food classics, the casual dining style of Tampopo makes for a more than humble meal in the city. Serving a mixture of Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Japanese-inspired dishes, this place will take you on a cross-country trip without the air fare. 

Yu is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Manchester. Decked with cultural symbols, the chinking of wine glasses and a pastiche that harks of the luxury of the country, this is the perfect date night dinner for fusion plates and international bottles. 

One of the city's best sushi spots, this tiny restaurant beneath Manchester Victoria boasts only the freshest authentic sushi. Chow down on the highest quality sashimi, maki and seafood congee, and treat yourself to a glass or two from their selection of sake and Japanese speciality wines.

Shoryu Ramen

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A great locations for the fast casual diners, Shoryu Ramen is a destination that does exactly what it says on the tin: really good ramen. Join them for the very best in Asian broths and noodles in town as you settle in for the perfect, laid-back experience at their city centre restaurant. 

Vermilion & Cinnabar

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Vermilion is one of the best places to eat Asian food in Manchester. The luxurious restaurant can be found just shy of Etihad Stadium and is brimming with eclectic plates that range spans countries from Thailand to India, make sure to hit it up when you fancy a diverse range of dishes.