New bar spy - Lucky Cat

Gordon Ramsay Launches All-New Asian Concept Restaurant To Replace Maze In Mayfair

Lucky Cat

Last updated . By Georgia Evans.



Gordon Ramsay is venturing into the world of Asian cuisine. The TV chef, star of countless internet memes, and possessor of seven Michelin stars worldwide, has announced that his newest restaurant Lucky Cat will open in Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, this summer.

Inspired by the drinking dens of 1930's Tokyo and the Far East, Lucky Cat will double up as an authentic eatery and vibrant late-night lounge, replacing its predecessor Maze after 14 years of business. Nevertheless, Maze’s executive chef Ben Orpwood will be leading the kitchen and creating the menu, utilising his experience at Mayfair’s Sexy Fish and Zuma in Knightsbridge.

While little is known about what the restaurant will actually look like, Ramsay has been quoted as saying, “Every table will have a unique view and each guest will come away having experienced something sensational — whether it be the phenomenal menu, the amazing service or the stunning look and feel.” 

This will be Ramsay's first major opening since 2014’s Heddon Street Kitchen, more recently the chef has been opening restaurants abroad and working on television projects. Here’s hoping his return to the UK will give us all the chance to hear him proclaim “It’s f*cking raw!” in the right context.