We Tried London's New Immersive Squid Game Experience

Wander to Scoresby Street's railway arches on South Bank and you'll find Red Light, Green Light accompanied by deadly candy cutting. Nope, you haven't been magically transported to a dystopian version of South Korea and this is definitely legal; you've just entered London's latest Squid Game experience, courtesy of Immersive Gamebox. Funnily enough, that sounded right up my street, and I headed down with the rest of the DesignMyNight team for an interactive, autumn social.

Squid Game London Immersive Gamebox Review | DesignMyNight

Red light, green light? Turns out we wouldn't have lasted too long.

Once our group was split evenly between private, high-tech boxes (maximum capacity for these is six people in each), we donned our jaunty headgear complete with 3D motion tracking and got to work. To build the prize fund? We had to complete a series of mini-games based on Netflix's Squid Game. False moves meant losses to our 456 players and being coordinated throughout the tasks (disclaimer: a lot of us certainly aren't) granted more dollar.

What ensued was endless laughter while getting caught by the dreaded doll, cutting out shapes from dalgona and memorising images to choose the correct side on Glass Bridge. All stages read even the tiniest body movement to determine our places on the screen, and were taken straight from the TV show for an exhilarating, authentic experience - just minus the threat of death. One also involved pushing on the touch-sensitive walls to release aimed marbles, while another saw us coordinate with teammates to perfectly time our pulls in Tug Of War.

Squid Game Experience London Immersive Gamebox Review | DesignMyNight

Nab a kooky visor and get playing.

To finish off? The final test, which the series is named after. My favourite of the bunch, and certainly a high-adrenaline one to end on, this involved taking it in turns to run back and forth across the box, making it to base while avoiding taggers who got faster as we progressed. Then, our last moments inside Immersive Gamebox were spent making silly gifs that were displayed next to the final scores after the experience, before being sent to our emails as a cute little keepsake.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

This London Squid Game experience is an absolute blast. Will you be squealing and joking throughout? For sure. Is your time here going to fly? Most definitely. Immersive Gamebox was the ideal team night out and I'd be back in a heartbeat with my other half and friends, I just don't know how they'd top what we've already played.

  💰 The damage: £37 per adult for a 60 minute game.

  📍  The locationArch 3, 83 Scoresby Street, London SE1 0XN.

  👌 Perfect for: Office parties, mate dates and spicing up a romantic evening.

 ⭐ Need to know: You can order drinks straight to your private box.


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