Comedy Carnival Clapham - London Event Review

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Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

Some of us get our kicks putting smarties tubes on cats legs (don't), and some of us get our kicks watching people fall over on YouTube (i'm right there with you), but if there's one thing we all know we can get our kicks out of, it's comedy, and I experienced a night in London that's promising the very best. 

The Comedians

If you've heard of Comedy Carnival's show at Bar Rumba you'll likely already know that their line-up can hardly be argued over, and the same now goes for their new Clapham offering. It's important to scratch the comedians from the off; it's nice to have a great venue and it's important to be comfortable, but if you're not laughing, think about lunging, heckling or legging it. It's important to save yourself now. Our show? I've still got stitches, and stitches that no doctor could ever apply. 

Hosted by Mark Dolan, of Balls of Steel infamy, we knew we were going to be trapped in tittering. Perfectly merging between the acts and providing smart and awkward relief throughout, Mark played with the crowd, toyed with the audience and providing the perfect level of gauche comedy throughout the night. While Holly Walsh provided mid-way entertainment that regaled honest stories of birth and general hilarity, to me it was Keith Farnan and Reginald D Hunter that stole the show. While Keith Farnan chose me as 'mid-set toilet break victim' and absolutely dosed the crowd on a level of comedy that was erratic, loud, brilliant beaming and becomingly crass, Reginald D Hunter's loose level of comedy, interrupting fun and comfortable tone meant jokes snuck up on you and had you slapping thighs for more. 

comedy carnival clapham event review london

Mark Dolan presented the perfect level of light relief as host for the night.

The Venue, Meal And Atmosphere

When the chance to review Comedy Carnival Clapham came up, I had to snag given the location of my flat being almost on the same road. I know, convenience isn't the bid here but it heartily helped. Coughing up £30 before the night even starts may be a tough feat for some, but I'm still reeling over the value for money here. Opting for the Mommi dining option, we indulged in fusion fare and a vegetarian set menu that impressed us from the off, from purple potatoes down to deconstructed sushi, whatever set menu you opt for, you're set to stick it out with three courses and a drink included. Give us a damn break, that's awesome.  

Perfectly timed alongside the comedy with your table pre-booked for you, we woofed and wandered only a few hundred yards up the road to Infernos. It's a often a mardy club that throws out a louder clientele than most, but everyone was here for laughs not the lobbing of drinks, and it felt great. Mixed between booths, a front row and free for all seats at the bag, there's a big enough crowd at Comedy Carnival Clapham that doesn't leave the space stifled by itself. 

comedy carnival clapham review

Our Mommi options for dining couldn't be considered as fault thanks to amazing fusion dishes.


I absolutely can't fault the value for money and high-level of comedy here. For £30 not only are you getting a dining experience that's well worth woofing over, the comedy at Comedy Carnival is providing names that you just can't normally get for that good a buck and making sure you leave the venue with plenty to laugh and mull over.