Jacked Up: 7 of The Best Jackfruit Dishes in London

Published . By Georgia Evans.

The biggest vegan food trend of 2019? Jackfruit, of course... Us herbivores couldn’t get enough of the stuff last year and experts suggest demand will grow throughout 2020 as people continue to take an interest in sustainable eating. The weird green and spiky fruit with white flesh was re-invented by foodies across the capital, deep-fried, pulled apart and stuffed in to shepherd's pies or scattered in tacos. If you’re trying out Veganuary, or just fancy expanding your palate, check out our guide to London’s best jackfruit dishes.

Biff's Jack Shack x Brewdog: The BBQ Jackfruit Wingz

Ok, so Biff’s are probably the go-to when it comes to jackfruit in London. Pioneers of all things deep-fried and crispy, they have taken the helm of Brewdog’s first 100% vegan bar. The star of the menu? The bar’s signature jackfruit ‘wings’ with a sugarcane bone, topped with a choice of sauces ranging from BBQ bourbon to sweet chilli.

Biff's Jack Shack | Jackfruit In London | DesignMyNight

Biff's Jack Shack make their jackfruit into signature wings.

Club Mexicana x Spread Eagle: Pulled Jackfruit Carnitas

Club Mexicana is another pop-up sensation, having earned a permanent spot in the kitchen of The Spread Eagle in Homerton, after winning hearts at festivals and various foodie events. Their take on cooking jackfruit involves pulling the fruit apart and frying it, serving as carnitas (translated to 'little meats') with pico de gallo, pink onion and salsa verde.

Club Mexicana Spread Eagle | Jackfruit in London | DesignMyNight

The Spread Eagle's Club Mexicana means tasty jackfruit carnitas.

Wulf & Lamb: Wulf Pie

A vegan haven in the heart of Chelsea, Wulf & Lamb have put their own spin on the classic shepherd's pie using our friend, the handy jackfruit, to heighten a hearty fave. Complemented with oodles of lentils and served with mashed potatoes and baby carrots, it’s a smart take on the quintessentially British comfort dish.

Wulf and Lamb PIe | Jackfruit in London | DesignMyNight

Wulf & Lamb's signature jackfruit dish? A hearty, humble pie.

Tell Your Friends: Loaded Hash Browns

Lucy Watson’s Fulham restaurant Tell Your Friends is beloved by food bloggers and herbivores alike, for its menu of classic comfort food and winning brunches. No journey here would be complete without trying the loaded hash browns topped with pulled BBQ jackfruit and crispy shallots, which make a brilliant addition to lunchtime dining.

Tell Your Friends Hash Browns | Jackfruit in London | DesignMyNight

Chomp away on pulled BBQ jackfruit and hash browns at Tell Your Friends.

Stem + Glory: Bao Burger

These guys didn’t scoop up a DMN award for nothing, and this brilliantly beautiful burger is Stem + Glory at their finest. The Barbican-based eatery are dishing up Korean-style steamed buns, stuffed with BBQ fried jackfruit and served with pickles, roast potatoes, fennel salad, cashew lime dressing and a drizzle of chipotle mayo for extra kick.

Stem and Glory Bao Buns | Jackfruit in London | DesignMyNight

Stem + Glory are home to signature bao buns stuffed with tasty BBQ jackfruit.

Genesis: Jackfruit Hoisin Taco

It may sound like there’s a lot going on here, but trust us, it’s all good. Seasoning their jackfruit like it's hoisin duck, Genesis create a pulled consistency to it, and top with hoisin mayo, cucumber, spring onion, chilli and serve in soft corn tortillas, it’s a cross-continental plate that comes together surprisingly well.

Genesis Tacos | Jackfruit in London | DesignMyNight

Gensis serve an Asian-inspired take on jackfruit tacos.

Dishoom: Jackfruit Biryani

Dishoom can always be counted on when it comes to high-quality vegan-friendly dining. Serving their jackfruit slow-cooked with layers of aromatic spices, the restaurant put their own spin on the classic Iranian biryani.  Finished with saffron rice, potted and cooked with mint, coriander and sultanas, this dish is one you will not want to share.

Dishoom Biryani | Jackfruit in London | DesignMyNight

Head to Dishoom for their unique spin on a jackfruit biryani.