Sex Education Sips: The London Bars To Visit Based On Whether You're More Ruby, Eric, Otis or Maeve

Missing your dose of Sex Education already? Yes, we mean the Netflix show - get your head out the gutter. Read through our list of the best London bars to visit based on Sex Education characters, whether you're a literary buff like Maeve, fancy yourself a bit of glitter and a dance a la Eric, or want somewhere with a laid-back retro look.



Otis Sex Education Bar London | DesignMyNight

Do you take after our favourite, chaotic sex therapist? Find the bars for you below.

Bobby FitzpatrickIf, like Otis, you love all things yellow and brown with a healthy dose of retro vibes, then this cocktail and pizza den is worth a peek.

Naked SohoBecause we can't talk about season four without mentioning that incident with the projector. Would Otis laugh it off with a penis waffle here? We think so.

The Little Orange Door: Eclectic as they come with a homely British feel, this bar has Sex Education's leading man written all over it - plus there are sister venues in Fulham, Soho and Notting Hill.

Burlock: Find more decor from bygone eras here, but with a healthy dose of rum and moreish mac 'n' cheese to match.


Netflix Sex Education Maeve Bar London | DesignMyNight

From destinations for book-lovers to relaxed live music joints, those of you like Maeve will love these.

The Fable: So it might be more restaurant and bar than just a drinking den, but we still think that our leading lady wouldn't pass up on this one - have you seen those books?

The Mind Palace: This Sherlock Holmes-themed haunt is a fully immersive speakeasy, meaning you can live like the iconic literary character. We're sure Maeve would be on board. 

The Lamb: A boozer frequented by the likes of Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens over its long history in the capital? It's a yes from us.

The Victoria: A place for memorable gigs and laid-back vibes with an alternative edge, it's the perfect pub and live music venue for Maeve-lovers to let loose in.


Eric Sex Education Character Bar London | DesignMyNight

Eric has got a mighty fine selection of bars in store too, just so long as you remember to wash your hands, you detty pig.

Blame Gloria: For shaking his tailfeathers, Eric would hit up these Clapham and Covent Garden dens - places that feature glitter and bold prints to match his own style.

Village 512: Our Queer icon is sure to be sashaying his way over to this gay bar in Dalston, where CBD-infused drinks, late-night karaoke and more await.

Soho Zebrano: On Saturday afternoons? You'd find him at The Drag Brunchette for queens, afternoon tea and free-flowing bellinis. 

Trailer Happiness: From the sleek retro look to the creative cocktails, we can definitely imagine Eric on a hot date at this rum bar.


Sex Education Ruby London Bars | DesignMyNight

It's the one you've all been waiting for; where would season four icon Ruby hang out?

Girlfriend: Thanks to a killer look but a warm heart, this bar's aesthetic should be ringing a lot of bells. We can see Ruby sipping on a Resting Beach Face cocktail here.

Disrepute: Packed with bold colours, patterns and velvet seating, the Kingly Court mainstay is a hidden former members club that our favourite gal would surely frequent.

The Coral Room: A 1920s grand salon bar that's nothing short of stunning? She'd be hitting up The Coral Room for swish cocktails and afternoon tea.

Sketch: While we were all sad to see the end of this bar's pink paradise, the yellow it was replaced with is right up Ruby's alley - even matching her favourite jacket.

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