How To Actually Stick To Your New Year's Resolution in London

Published . By Kay Field.

New year, new you. A great phrase in theory, however, in reality, things can get a little harder. But that’s where we come in. Whether you’re looking to save some money, get back in the dating game, eat a little healthier or have a Dry January, we’ve put together a New Year’s survival kit to help you meet your goal. Offering up a host of alternatives and inspiration to keep you on track, we’ve got a feeling that 2020’s gonna be the year your resolution sticks.

If you want to detox

With plates as beautiful as these, it's easy to see why Wild Food Café is so popular.

Our top pick: Avoid the temptation to break your healthy eating resolve with a visit to one of Wild Food Café's stunning plant-based eateries. With spots in Islington and Neal's Yard, the restaurants serve up a selection of delicious, seasonal dishes that'll have you coming back for more.

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If you want to get back in the dating game

Ditch the dating apps for an evening of fun and flirtation at one of these dating events.

Our top pick: Looking to dip your toe back in the dating pool but unsure where to start? Match-making maestros Smudged Lipstick have combined speed-dating with rude scrabble to create the ultimate Dirty Scrabble evening, offering you a fun and relaxed way to meet like-minded individuals.

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If you want to complete Dry January

A hangover-less Sunday morning without a wave of post alcohol anxiety? Sounds good to us.   

Our top pick: Just because you've decided to take a booze-free month, it doesn't mean you have to become a social hermit. Seedlip have teamed up with The Larrik for a delicious Dry January Dinner, complete with a three-course feast and tasty non-alcoholic paired tipples.

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If you want to add some fitness into your life

 Your resolve on the ropes? Shake this up with these refreshingly unique classes.

Our top pick: The thought of slogging it out on a treadmill making you want to curl up in a ball and hibernate? Add a little fun into your workouts with an evening dance class at Drink Shop & Do. The moves are sassy, the teacher’s a diva and the venue is eclectic.

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If you want to try something new

This event is serving up an evening of mystery at a masked ball with a historic London spot.

Our top pick: Immersive events are taking over London’s nightlife and it’s not hard to see why. Experience the growing trend for yourself with an exciting night at Masquerade Palace’s The Invitation, where you'll be thrust into an opulent world of secrets and intrigue.

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If you want to spend more time with the family

Explore some of the city's more rural spots with a weekend ramble.

Our top pick: Discover some of London's greener spaces with your nearest and dearest over a beautiful wintry walk, before warming your cockles and getting a much-needed pint at one of the perfectly placed pubs.

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If you want to save money

120 minutes of unlimited pizza? We'll take that as a challenge.

Our top pick: Saving money doesn't mean you can't still treat yourself to a meal out. There’s tonnes of great deals across the city, with one of our favourite’s, Bread Street Pizza, offering you two hours of bottomless pizza for the jaw-dropping price of £15.

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If you want to go on being the same old fabulous you

Belt out the ballads to a crowd of adoring fans at the ultimate karaoke night.

Our top pick: Whether you've got a resolution or not, embrace the queen that you are over an evening of karaoke fun at the brilliant Gospeloke. Take to the stage and have your own diva moment, singing your heart out to Whitney, Mariah and friends, all accompanied by a badass backing gospel choir.

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