Powder Keg Diplomacy - London Restaurant Bar Reviews

Published . By Katie Kirwan.

Some people dare tread the space between Clapham Junction and Battersea, and some people barely know it's there, but if there's any reason to extend a short stroll up to St John's Hill, it's for this eclectic eatery. Here's how we got on when we got up close and cocktail-personal with Powder Keg Diplomacy

The Venue

Clearly proud of their paraphernalia and not lacking in theme, the interior tact of Powder Keg Diplomacy isn't hard to miss. Split between main bar area out the front and greenhouse-led dining out back, PKD is a bygone babe of British proportions. Brimming with colonial cool and Victorian temptations, the vintage trinkets, flitting of ferns and classic dining tables bring about not only a true, but a very cool air of history. More than just a resurrection restaurant, Powder Keg Diplomacy honours British tradition and plays with theming all the same; a space that became the dangling carrot to my donkey as soon as we walked through the door

powder keg diplomacy review london

Interiors at Powder Keg blend the colonial with the classically British. 

The Food and Drink

Boasting a very intimate menu from the off, it was clear to us that quality over quantity is an important step in the seasonal dishes at PKD. Helping us work our way through the menu choices was a fresh, simple and classic cocktail from the signature section ('The Regali-tea'). After a blend of Early Grey infused gin, sparkling wine and lemon, it was easy to pick two Goat's Cheese and Golden Beet salads (£8) with this tasty prompt. Mixed with walnuts, and drizzled in balsamic, this light and crunch-filled starter was garden fresh, unblemished and pert.

Chasing the starters with a light, yet welcoming crisp chardonnay, it was their fish of the day and the Wild Mushroom & Asparagus Risotto £15 that tempted us next. While my ocean-fresh trout with drizzled in rich flavours, came with the perfect bite, the risotto was not only of perfect portion size, the mushroom dose and creamed texture added that all important warmth to a very classic and wholesome dish. I rarely ever make my way through 3 plates at a restaurant, but with a cheese plate (£9) on the horizon, it was hard not to. Small enough to share between two, this closer dish boasted the best of British dairy with a chutney to die for. 

Chasing down our next cocktail and moving on over to the bar, PKD showed their cool consideration for ingredients and flavours. Not only was our host an informative treat, we were treated to a tart and honest Los Altos Sour with Vida Mezcal and Ocho Blanco (£10) alongside an Espresso Martini like no other. Not only were both a unique take on the signature mixes, they came with flair and almost an air of British glamour.  

powder keg diplomacy dinner review

The goat's cheese and golden beetroot salad of your dreams. 

The Atmosphere

Friday nights are the busiest for Powder Keg Diplomacy, but this was not a restaurant swamped by the elbow bashing fuss of too many Christmas parties as the end of the working year drew to a close. Not only was the restaurant space crammed with couples making hazy-eyes over the candlelit tables, our night was shared with a legacy of families and friends looking to share a few plates. It's clear to see why PKD has such knack for a buzz, as people enjoy the chance to dine, follow up with cocktails, and stick around the whole night through without feeling overwrought or stuffed in like sardines. 

clapham powder keg diplomacy restaurant review

Powder Keg Diplomacy is a space on St John's Hill that's not easy to miss. 


Giving me the chance to give my boyfriend creepy-crinkle eye over the candlelit table, the opportunity to indulge in the finest beetroot salad and do terrible things to a sour, Powder Keg Diplomacy has 5-star notoriety for good reason. From their exemplary British plates and their colonial cool down to a service like no other, you're gonna go far kid......like we know you have already