New bar spy - Dabbers Bingo

Dabbers Are Bringing Action-Packed Cabaret, Comedy And Performances To London's First Modern Bingo Hall

Dabbers Bingo

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Now Open

Dabbers are reclaiming bingo and bringing it to the young 'uns of the city. No longer deemed as a granny's game, the new venue offers contemporary twists on the Great British pastime.

With an aim to tear people away from their electronic devices, Dabbers are offering a varied programme of upcoming shows featuring an eclectic jumble of styles, themes and designated 'vibes', to cater for every potential niche. Offering LGBT cabaret shows, speed dating, discos with UV and flashing lights, thrilling high stakes games, and family friendly afternoons with brunch, it seems Dabbers have added their own twist to any possible bingo format you could think of. 

Named after the pen you use to mark your bingo card (not the millennial dance move), Dabbers is open every day of the week right in the heart of London, making it a potential location for after-work activities, birthday parties or days out with mates. The food menu is yet to be released, however the drinks selection features classic cocktails as well as those with a twist, such as France's answer to an Italian apertif, the lillet spritz, along with alcohol-free mocktails. There's also a wide choice of wine, beer and spirits available, and a winners list for those wishing to splash their winnings out on a bottle of bubbly.