Best Places to Get a Gin & Tonic

“I exercise strong self control. I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast” - W.C. Fields

Gin and Tonic bars in London are big business. Created by British officers in India, the Gin and Tonic was a way of making the quinine in the tonic taste less bitter, and with that they created an iconic summertime drink that spread across the world. Now, all of a sudden, gin is making a comeback in London's culture scene as the classy gin palaces of yesteryear return to the city. So, how better to celebrate than with a glass of the liquid libation at the best Gin and Tonic bars in London according to our recommended list below.

Last updated on 16th August 2018

Graphic Bar

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Housing the biggest collection of gin in London, Graphic Bar is the Mecca for the juniper berry enthusiast. With 180 premium rare and artesian gins the collection is made up of gin liqueurs, world gins and much loved classic brands. Join the Juniper Club for an opportunity to taste, and question top gin-bassadors and gain a real understanding just what makes a good gin. Try the Gin Mare, a wonderful aromatic blend of Mediterranean and rosemary flavours paired with a Peruvian 1724 tonic.

Portobello Star

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Serving liquid beverages since 1740, the Portobello Star has been a staple of nightlife in Notting Hill for long enough to establish a well-earned reputation. The clientele, which has varied from street beggars to royalty, will all no doubt agree the bar staff know how to whip up a good drink. Not only is the Portebello Star the home of the Gin Institute, it is also the birthplace, sorry source of the Portebello Road No.171 London dry gin. This is one of few places in the world you can create your own personal gin with specialist help in the upstairs still room, and then reorder your personal blend when you run out. 

With seventy gins, and thirty-three of those English, Gillray's Restaurant and Bar definitely makes the the list. Sip a refreshing gin and tonic in this stylish and sophisticated venue as you gaze over the Thames and Houses of Parliament.

The method of producing drinks at Worship Street Whistling Stop is more like attempting to solve chemical equation than merely following a recipe. With all the serious focus of a scientist the mixologists evaporate, vaccum and micro-analyse every tiny detail to bring you a truly incredible drink. Check out the Tin and Jonic, a take on the iconic drink that infuses vodka with quinine and afterwards adding soda and botanical syrups for a smooth drinkable result.   

The Four Sisters Townhouse is a cocktail bar close to St Paul's that wows and dazzles its patrons with traditional decor and hand-crafted cocktails. Serving small plates and sharing board to help keep things on an even keel, the cocktail menu is the headliner here; think classic recipes and a few quirky creations. But if cocktails aren't your kind of thing, the bar boasts a variety of international gins and fiery tonics that are perfect for a refreshing G & T.